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324 - Rebelgrind
Japanese grindcore, fuck yeah! 324 formed in 1999 and has released a number of EPs, split records and two full lengths, of which Rebelgrind is the latest. It already dates back to 2006, but it has only reached our office recently in the form of its 2007 re-release by Feto Records. Let’s grind!
The style of grind 324 plays is quite old school with a lot of hardcore influences in it. Napalm Death would be a good comparison to their sound; fast nihilistic grindcore with a high dose of aggression. The sound they give the listener doesn’t sound Japanese at all, yet I’ve been fooled more than once by this creative country. Rebelgrind could’ve easily been a Napalm Death release from the nineties for sure.
For those that like their grindcore straightforward, traditional and free from gory nonsense, 324 has to be in your collection. But beware if you try to read what they’re yelling about; the lyrics are all printed in Japanese. Ah well, this music suits headbanging better than reading anyway. Support Japanese grindcore!
324 - Rebelgrind
78/1001Details Feto Records
Released on Monday Apr 7th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jun 2nd, 2008

Tags: #324
Tracklisting 01. Darkgazer
02. Black Hill
03. Rebelgrind
04. Slavedrive
05. Borders
06. Storyteller
07. Mugen No Saka
08. Bidou No Asa
09. Demons In The Basement
10. Life Only Brought Up Evil
11. Dirt Beats
12. Requiem For The Flock
13. Warbaby
14. Horizon
Line up Masao Yamamoto - Vocals
Sakata - Drums
Shinji - Guitars
Babi - Bass