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Ydin - Saasta
Over a year ago I received a promo of a Finnish death metal band called Ydin, which made a good impression on me and I was eager to hear more from them. That time has finally come, as their new record Saasta is in my player as I type this. Let’s hope they’ve improved…
And fucking hell they did. On all fronts I’d say. Their death metal is better composed, better recorded and even more technical and brutal. A nice addition is the execution of hyperblasts in the songs, which makes Ydin sound even more aggressive and extreme. Fucking hell this shit blasts like an army of rabies infected beavers!

Ydin writes its lyrics in Finnish, but this time an English translation is delivered within the artwork as well, for those curious enough to consult their perspective on a sick world and not from Finnish descent. Also this (again) five track EP contains their previous demo releases and some live videos, but this in no way compares to the high class death metal I hear on this disc. Makes me crave for more, just like the previous EP did. This new one on the other hand should lead to a fucking record deal and a shitload of tours I feel. Let's hope some A&R guy feels the same.
Ydin - Saasta
79/1001Details Unsigned
Released on Monday Mar 3rd, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jun 3rd, 2008

Tags: #Ydin
Tracklisting 1. LKD
2. Ruttolainen
3. Huorat
4. Uhriutus
5. Ajatuksia Kuolleesta
Line up I.B. - vocals
Ahmaoja - guitar
Kangas - guitar
Piippo - bass
Kuusisalo - drums