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Dedicted - Argonauts
In the line of bands as Meshuggah and Textures, the polyrhythmic and mathcore bands keep popping up like grass. Dedicted is the Belgian version of Holland’s Textures. Let’s see if they’re a match for them.
With saying Textures, I’ve about said it all. Argonauts exists of rhythmic play all the way, combined with some atmospheric passages and layered with screams and clean singing. Exactly the same ingredients as the band already mentioned too often in this review. Yes. Textures.
Overall the rhythmic stuff is very nice to listen to and the songs are pretty in average, but they’re certainly not competing for the top of this style of music yet. The atmospheric parts are of a way lesser quality and so are the vocals. Unfortunately vocalist Renaat has but one scream and drummer Jason VanAcker has just one clean vocal sound, and especially this clean sound gets on my nerves very fast. He sings on a frequency that irritates me very quickly. Yuk.

I can’t say that Dedicted’s first full length is shit though, the music sure sounds like these guys know what they’re doing. Also the production job is of a very high level, it sounds very clear and heavy. It’s just that it has been done a lot better before, and the vocals really mess things up for me after a while. Still I am curious to their live performance, and since these guys are lucky enough to get to play Graspop this year, I will make my final verdict after that. For now I can say they’re definitely on the right path, we will hear more from these Belgians for sure.
Dedicted - Argonauts
72/1001Details Shiver Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 15th, 2008
Rhythmic Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jun 15th, 2008

Tags: #Dedicted
Tracklisting 1. The Revenant
2. Heretic
3. Virgin Soil Epidemic
4. Crystalline
5. The Pathologically Grandiose Megalomaniacs
6. Rebirth
7. A Darker Shade
8. Argonauts
Line up Renaat -Vocals
Sven Caura -Guitar
Yannick Dumarey -Guitar
Tim Maertens - Bass
Jason VanAcker Drums/clean vocals/samples