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Gloria Morti - Eryx
Starting out as a thrash metal band in 1999, Finland’s Gloria Morti underwent a couple of line-up changes and slowly evolved into a brutal yet atmospheric death metal band. After their well received debut record in 2004 the band now brings us their latest effort in extreme music; Eryx.
That this is a very promising and talented band takes no more than listening to one track. Grooving, pumping death, thrash and black metal bursts out of my speaker, making me air-play most of the instruments heard. Great brutal grunts and high-pitched nasty screams cover the brutal groove riffs and atmospheric keyboards (played by a very pretty girl) make sure the whole doesn’t sound like one pounding ride through hell, but offer a little relief where necessary. All this combined in a nice production makes Eryx a very nice record to listen to.
Although the overall sound is utterly brutal, they manage to deliver enough dynamics and variation to hold the listener’s attention throughout the tracks. It is therefore no surprise that the band has already shared the stage with acts like Mayhem, The Crown, Dissection and Zyklon. For Eryx they even got Zyklon’s lead guitarist Destructhor to play on the track ‘Sands Of Hinnom’. It is clear this band is rapidly gaining in strength and popularity.

To me it is very clear. The monstrous grooves, brutal riffing, interesting songs and mind-bending vocals together with this awesome production make Gloria Morti a death metal force to be reckoned with. I hope somebody takes these guys on tour soon, because I’d love to see them doing this live.
Gloria Morti - Eryx
85/1001Details Cyclone Empire
Released on Friday May 9th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jun 15th, 2008

Tags: #Gloria Morti
Tracklisting 01. Deathstream (Anthologies Of Lifestream)
02. Until The Wretched Whimper
03. Phoenix Caged In Flesh
04. Evermorose
05. Prophet Of Eosphorus
06. Synthetic Eden
07. The Origins Of Sin
08. The Djinnwhisperer
09. Sands Of Hinnom
10. Mesopotamia
11. Dreadful Silence
Line up Psycho - Vocals
Juho Räihä - Guitar
Juho Matikainen - Guitar, bass
Jarmo Juurikka - Drums
Jenni Kemppainen - Synth