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Enemy Is Us - Venomized
“You could say that Enemy Is Us is keeping their native country’s metal legacy alive by delivering an explosive mixture of old school Swedish death metal and new school thrash metal and adding just a touch of hardcore aggression.” If that sounds sucky to you, stop reading here!

As I was always busy doing other things while listening to this album the first couple of times it never really got to me. Until I decided to listen more carefully to Venomized, which made me realize this is one hell of ride through heaviness and sheer musical aggression. The album starts at full throttle, kicking in with a massive wall of sound in ‘Through Vile Black Blood’, only to slow down a little bit in the third track, which carries the cool name of ‘Show Me Them Horns’. But what really keeps me listening is the melodic parts that are embedded in the heavy songs. For example the backing vocals in ‘End This Life’; melodic yet not too present, which makes sure the main focus is on Ronnie Nyman’s vocals after all.

Also the length of songs (except for the last one) keep things interesting with a length under four minutes. This way you can keep moshing around your room all by yourself without losing interest because of too long, boring passages. It’s all really straightforward, no bullshit whatsoever! And although the music itself is not always that original to me, the “no bullshit” approach is something that makes me dig this band nonetheless.

I think Enemy Is Us would do a splendid job on stage, creating a massive, grooving sound of death/thrash metal that for example By Night is also able to create. Be sure to check it out ‘cause I’m having the feeling many of you will like this. Show me them horns fuckers!
Enemy Is Us - Venomized
73/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Friday Jun 13th, 2008
Death / Thrash Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Jun 16th, 2008

Tags: #Enemy Is Us
Tracklisting 01. Through Vile Black Blood
02. My Cross To Bear
03. Show Me Them Horns
04. Venomized
05. End This Life
06. We Are The Filth
07. Tear This World Apart
08. The Red Inside
09. Carnal Betray
10. At The End Of My Rope
11. Heading Towards The Light
Line up Ronnie Nyman – Vocals
Lawrence Mackrory – Bass, Vocals
Peter Lindholm – Guitar
Staffan Winroth – Guitar
Olle Ferner – Drums