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Skogyr - Rainchants
The Russian act Skogyr was initiated in 2005, and thus far one demo and one full length have been released last year. A promo copy of the full length entitled Rainchants has reached our office only recently, so let’s see what this stuff is made of.
Skogyr is a one man band formed by multi-instrumentalist Farakh. The music that is played is a cross between black and doom metal with an emphasis on heavy dark atmospheres and depressing melodies. There are four songs by Farakh, all creatively named chants, and a bonus track that is a cover from Akira Yamaoka’s ‘Silent Hill’. The atmosphere is transferred very well, the rotten production of the distorted guitars really gives an awkward feeling yet the melodies make it a tad more easier to listen to. It’s just too bad that the programmed drums sound a bit static compared to the rest of the music.

Overall the songs don’t really manage to hold my attention, and frankly they’re not that well written at all. Yet the atmosphere that is created hits the spot, and considering this is the first Skogyr release, there is definitely room for improvement for the next album. Fans of black doom metal can take a chance with this one, but you’ll be better of listening to Moss or Wolves in the Throne Room for that matter. Or Striborg.
Skogyr - Rainchants
59/1001Details BadMoodMan Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 25th, 2008
Black Doom Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jun 18th, 2008

Tags: #Skogyr
Tracklisting 1. Chant I
2. Chant II
3. Chant III
4. Chant IV
5. Silent Hill (Cover)
Line up Farakh