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Morgion - The Relapse Collection
How much time should you spend listening to an album before you review it? Deadlines are virtually sacred, a good and honest review even more. Having Morgion’s Relapse collection some time in my possession, I had to request the editor if this review could be postponed to a later date than planned. I just couldn’t figure out what to think of this collection and Morgion’s music.
The Relapse Collection is a double CD and contains the Solinari and Among Majestic Ruin albums. It basically compiles all of Morgion’s Relapse recordings, including 7 unreleased studio, demo and rehearsal tracks. It makes the collection quite daunting to listen to. This now-defunct doom metal band makes use of traditional characteristics such as sluggish acoustic guitar passages and whispered vocals. Intertwined with a few slightly faster sections with thick guitar distortion and  thunderous growls it is quite what you would expect from doom metal. And not to mention the length of the songs , which is often close to 10 minutes.

The production is magnificent on the album tracks, the extra tracks are not so blessed with a crystal clear sound. Some reviewers compare this not only to Black Sabbath, but also to Rush. Which surprises me, because they sound nothing like them. The only thing they have in common with the Canadian supertrio is that the lyrics are mainly written by the drummer.
The first two albums were difficult, if not impossible to obtain in these parts. California's Morgion doesn’t probably ring a bell to many people, fans of sullen and sombre metal will be thrilled with this release.
Morgion - The Relapse Collection
75/1001Details Relapse
Released on Saturday Jun 21st, 2008
Doom Metal

Writer @Angel on Saturday Jun 21st, 2008

Tags: #Morgion
Tracklisting Disc 1
1.: Serpentine Scrolls/Descent To Arawn
2.: Canticle
3.: Solinari
4.: Nightfall Infernal
5.: All The Glory... All The Loss
6.: Blight
7.: Last Sunrise
8.: Mundane
9.: Symphonie Der Gravens
10.: Canticle (unreleased version)
Disc 2
1.: Relic Of A Darkened Past
2.: In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)
3.: Travesty
4.: Basking Under A Black Sun Dawning
5.: Invalid Prodigy
6.: Mundane (1995 demo)
7.: Serpentine Scrolls/Descent To Arawn (1995 demo)
8.: Phoenix Moons (1995 instrumental demo)
9.: All The Glory... All The Loss (1998 rehearsal demo)
Line up Jeremy Peto (vocals, bass guitar)
Gary Griffith (guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer) Brandon Livingston (synthesizer)
Rhett Davis (drums)