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Cryptopsy - The Unspoken King
The new album by Cryptopsy, called The Unspoken King, is their sixth studio album. I’ve always been a fan of this brutal Canadian death metal band, but I must say that I wasn’t really impressed by their last record. It was brutal and technical, but I really missed the kick ass brutality on albums like None So Vile and Whisper Supremacy. Let’s see what this new album has to offer.
Instantly, and I really mean instantly, when I started to play this record, I was sold. This is finally the Cryptopsy I wanted to hear. The technical shit has not vanished completely, but the riffs do sound more brutal and less complicated. Songs like 'The Headsmen' and 'Leach' are perfect examples of this, because they did remind me of the old Cryptopsy again. The most important thing though, is that this album doesn’t bore me after 4 or 5 songs. There are no fillers on this album, every song stands completely apart and sounds different and all are equally nice! I heard this album 6 or 7 times now, maybe more, I spinned it quite a lot on vacation in Croatia, and was really listening to find something off, but I could not. This is highly exceptional in death metal.
Death metal fans can blindly buy this one, I guess. Like I said, it is a complete album, with complete as in no filling songs and crap like that. Even the intros are short, or completely missing, so every second you hear is filled with brutality. Thumbs up!
Cryptopsy - The Unspoken King
93/1001Details Century Media
Released on Friday May 23rd, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Jun 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Cryptopsy
Tracklisting 1: Worship Your Demons
2: The Headsmen
3: Silence The Tyrants
4: Bemoan The Martyr
5: Leach
6: The Plagued
7: Resurgence Of An Empire
8: Anoint The Dead
9: Contemplate Regicide
10: Bound Dead
11: (Exit) The Few
Line up Vocals - Matt McGachy
Guitars - Alex Auburn
Guitars - Chris Donaldson
Bass - Erik Langlois
Keys - Maggy Durand
Drums - Flo Mounier