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Miscreants - Welcome The Miscreants
Misceants is a Dutch band from up north, Groningen to be precise. The band was formerly known as Architect, and that name did ring a bell. They changed their name to Miscreants and started to put out some decent thrash metal. This EP called Welcome The Miscreants is their first call to arms. Their vocalist used to sing in Shai Hulud, and that’s the only thing I really know about this band. When I finally posted this review however, it came to my notice that this band has split up, but here's the review anyway.
When I started to play this recording, I was really impressed by the quality. I mean, it’s an EP, for a new band. Usually, these sound quite crappy, but this one doesn’t. I would say raw and uncompromised, but not crappy. The music tends to sound like Carcass, but I would not say this is an actual clone. Miscreants make it sound all very natural, without copying those long uber brutal Carcass riffs. The first track is the one I am the least impressed with, but when the second track begins, the whole EP thrashes its way to the end.
I was hoping I could come up with more about this band, but I can’t. I must say I really enjoyed this honest album, which is clearly produced with a lot of beer and fun. Too bad this band split up, because when I wrote this review, they were still playing shows.
Miscreants - Welcome The Miscreants
85/1001Details Let It Burn Records
Released on Sunday Jun 17th, 2007
Thrash Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Jun 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Miscreants
Tracklisting 1: A Feast For The Malcontent
2: Welcome The Miscreants
3: The Ideal Austere
4: Blood As Spirit
5: Aerialist
6: To Our Doom We March, A Smiling
Line up Vocals - Geert van der Velde
Guitar - Rick Venema
Guitar - Wouter Kroon
Bass - Wouter Bakker
Drums - Daniel De Jong