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Black Cab - Jesus East
Black Cab from Australia were again unknown to me, but it needs to be reviewed. I’m quite upset because of the delay, but our internet has stopped working properly. Better late than never, I’d say. Their album is called Jesus East and that’s the only thing I know about it. I wasn’t exactly prepared to what I was going to hear, because I was thinking of some shit emo-hippie band. The main players in this band are 2 Australians, but they use a lot of guest musicians 
Luckily, they are not a shitty hippie emo band, but tend to sound like Pink Floyd. Isn’t that a change! Finally some kick ass music I thought, as the intro track called 'Hearts On Fire' takes away. Well, Pink Floyd is a little bit too daft for this, but if you mix Floyd with The Cure, I think you’ll get Black Cab… The vocals do sound like that guy from The Cure, although I really hate that band. The title song 'Jesus East' however, made me really think of The Dandy Warholes, because it has the same psychedelic flow. Anyways, the music is quite poppy, but tends to unfold into a more relaxed tune. The vocals are a little bit whiney, but that is the same with The Cure in my humble opinion.
Alright, this is something totally different from the last few albums I had to review. It is absolutely not something I would buy in a store, but I cannot say I dislike it. I just don’t know the correct description for music like this. Anyways, it did remind me of Pink Floyd (listen to track 3, called 'Another Sun' and you’ll hear your Pink Floyd) crossed with The Cure, mixed to a soup with a little bit of The Dandy Warholes as vermicelli. As Borat would have said: I Like!
Black Cab - Jesus East
80/1001Details Stickman Records
Released on Saturday Jun 2nd, 2007

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Jun 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Black Cab
Tracklisting 1: Hearts On Fire
2: Jesus East
3: Another Sun
4: Underground Star
5: 13 Days
6: Surrender
7: Randy Sez
8: Simple Plan
9: Valiant
10: The Path
Line up Guitars - James Lee
Vocals/Arrangements/Programming - Andrew Coates
Bass - Anthony Paine
Drums - Richard Andrew
Guitars - Ashley Naylor
Keys - Steve Law
Tablas - Hermant Kumar
Sitar - Radhey Gupta