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Severance - Suffering In Humanity
Severance have released this album a year ago, but it is never too late to write something about it, I guess. These 5 gore lovers decided to make some brutal noise, which they did splendidly. The band hails from the United States and utilize the same brutality as many of their colleagues from the US. The album is called Suffering In Humanity and was recorded as early as in 2005. There has been a lengthy time between this record and their previous, but now it is here (although for some time now, I really hate internet connectivity problems!)
Well, what you get is 12 tracks and one video track, that all blast as hell. The only problem is that everything sounds a little bit too much overdone. I’m fan of bands that make insane noise, but it also has to be a little bit original. The bands that lack in originality but not in brutality are many in that country. I just can’t listen to them all without losing track or without feeling bored. The vocals are quite usual for your standard brutal death metal band, a lot of low grunting and high pitched squeals. It did remind me of some nasty pig shed, with 10 pigs all making noise because they are eaten alive by other pigs. Ever heard that? No? Visit Croatia… The musicians all hail from Texas, and share some similarities in sound with other brutal death metal bands in Texas like Katalepsy and Viral Load.
My conclusion is short and simple. Nothing superb about this album, but it certainly doesn’t lack everything. The riffs are not too complicated and sound brutal, but after some songs it began to bore me a little bit. Death metal fans will like it and the band probably kicks enormous ass live.  
Severance - Suffering In Humanity
68/1001Details Goregiastic Records
Released on Tuesday May 15th, 2007
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Jun 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Severance
Tracklisting 1: Rejuvena-Dead
2: Consumed
3: Displaced
4: The Cleansing
5: Meaningless
6: Suffering (Interlude)
7: Detri-Mental
8: Reborn Again
9: La Promesa
10: Fatal Predictions (Pentagram cover)
11: Hatred Within
12: Inhumanity (outro)
13: Consumed (Video Clip)
Line up Vocals - Mike Mena
Guitar - Ralph Gutierrez
Guitar - Joe Dan De La Rosa
Bass - Abel Barrera
Drums - Jaime Perez