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Inside - Impaled By Your Soul
From 2001 on, the members of Italian progressive death metal band Inside have been working on their career. With Impaled By Your Soul they bring us their third release, the first one to be sent to Metalrage, be it a little late since this album was already released in 2007.

After a dull intro, Inside takes you further on a trip they like to call progressive death metal. And yes, I hear some progressive elements on the album, but overall I wouldn’t say the rhythms are that progressive / complex. Those parts that are obviously progressive oriented, are most of the times rather stretched, which makes them quite uninteresting after a while.

Still, the music is quite easy to follow, although it may need a trained ear since the songs just don’t stand out from the rest. The entire album is more like a rollercoaster with some small loopings instead of an extremely wild ride which makes you scream for more excitement. The only thing that might make you wanna hear more are the guitar solos. They’re actually quite nice!

As for the vocals I can be rather short as well. Typical death metal but absolutely nothing that you haven’t heard before. No surprising screams whatsoever. But, for those who don’t like clean vocals there’s good news! You won’t find ‘em on this album! Furthermore there seems to be a keyboard involved on this album as well, although I can’t find one in the band’s line-up. Well, at least the keys make the music a bit more exciting, since it definitely adds an extra – and very important – layer to Inside’s music.

Now it may seem like I don’t like this band at all. That’s certainly not true. It’s just that there’s not enough variation on the album for me. There’s some decent death metal, some nice solos and a bit of progressive music every now and then. All in all not a bad album but I’m sure there’s so much more to spend your money on, that I wouldn’t suggest you to pay for this effort. Just checking it out online will do! Try ‘At The Gates’ if you can, it’s pretty much the best you can expect of this band.
Inside - Impaled By Your Soul
65/1001Details Independent
Released on Monday Oct 1st, 2007
Progressive Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Jun 24th, 2008

Tags: #Inside
Tracklisting 01. Scriptorium
02. Impaled By Your Soul
03. Point Of No Return
04. At The Gates
05. A Grace From Decease
06. Now Or Never
07. Out
08. In Silence
Line up Ago – Vocals, Guitar
Andrea – Bass
Val – Guitar
Vito – Drums