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Siebenbürgen - Revelation VI
When Siebenbürgen (translation: seven cities, the German name for Transylvania) split up in 2006, a lot of black metal fans were devastated. The trademark mix of black and gothic metal was what renowned these Swedes and because of that, the news that the band had reunited in 2007 was music to the ears of many. After a few months of hard work, the band completed their long-awaited sixth album in 2008. For Revelation VI, the band has undergone slight line-up changes and gotten the feel of a razor-sharp atmosphere. Behold!

‘Awaken’, the atmospheric intro to Revelation VI, is followed by the rather mellow ‘Rebirth Of The Nameless’. A mere song later, you instantly realize that the band is back on track and building on where they left off. ‘Infernalia’ is far from mellow and is the first song on the album to feature full vocals from Lisa Bohwalli. I instantly fell in love (not literally, of course… although she looks great) because of her heavy-metal-esque vocal approach. Gone are the opera vocals and squealing dames. This chick packs guts and mixes melody with firmness.

The title song of the album has it all. A gut ripping melody, fast riffs, Marcus singing a chorus that you instantly scream along with and of course Lisa who brings the pre-chorus with as much power as Marcus does his part.
Furthermore, the album features a bonus track called ‘Enter Omega’, which is a clean guitar intermezzo that distracts a bit from the rest of the songs. The remaining tracks vary from slow to blast-beating fast which make for a groundbreaking return of this Swedish band.

Revelation VI is an extremely tight and well-produced album, worthy of being part of Siebenbürgen’s already impressive discography. If you like high-speed riffs, blast beats, the occasional guitar solo, fleshtearing vocals and the undeniable charm of the sound of female-fronted heavy metal, do not dwindle any longer and buy this magnificent album.

Siebenbürgen - Revelation VI
90/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Jun 13th, 2008
Melodic Black Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Wednesday Jun 25th, 2008

Tags: #Siebenbürgen
Tracklisting 1. Awaken
2. Rebirth Of The Nameless
3. Infernaliia
4. Revelation VI
5. Grimheim
6. After The Wolf (Do Dead Men Follow)
7. S.I.N.
8. The Oaken Throne
9. The Soulless
10. Enter Omega
11. In Sanctum
12. Fire Leaps High
13. At The End Of Twilight
Line up Marcus Ehlin - vocals, bass
Richard Bryngelsson - guitars
Dennis Ekdahl - drums
Johnnie Gunther - keyboard
Joakim Ohlsson - guitars
Lisa Bohwalli Simonsson - vocals