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Seventh Power - Seventh Power
Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win? Seventh Power isn’t exactly a noticeable bandname. It is a hint towards their Christian background though. For those who are not familiar with the Christian metal world, they are often more concerned about making bold statements than creating new sounds. Anyone old enough might remember how Stryper threw Bibles in the audience during Dynamo Open Air 1987. Ouch!
This debut from these Americans has been out for two years, it took like forever to reach us at Metalrage. As a straightforward heavy metal record it does deserve a review. In reality this scene is in fact a small one as bandmembers are also active in various other Christian groups. Vocalist and guitarist Bill Menchen is also active in no less than 4 other bands. And guess what, drummer Robert Sweet has actually been in Stryper!
The thing that really bothers me, are these bold statements of faith which Menchen and company spew out frequently. I usually have now problem with lyrics no matter what they are like, it is just that the message seems more important than the music. It is like they are trying to convert you to Christianity. However, as it is in most cases with releases from these kind of bands, the music isn’t really spectacular. This is something for the hardcore fans of this genre. Yes, this disk offers some quite catchy hooks and has a polished sound. The music is just too damn predictable. Let’s just hope they don’t throw bibles in the audience.
Seventh Power - Seventh Power
65/1001Details Retroactive Records
Released on Sunday Jun 25th, 2006
Christian Metal

Writer @Angel on Wednesday Jun 25th, 2008

Tags: #Seventh Power
Tracklisting 1. Christ Died
2. Enthroned
3. Eyes In The Skies
4. Far From Fear
5. Heavens Gates
6. Human Sacrifice
7. Emotion Motion
8. Possessor Of You
9. Seven Golden Lampstands
10. The Power
Line up Bill Menchen - Vocals, Guitar
Rod Reasner - Bass
Robert Sweet - Drums