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Rapidforce - Burst Under Pressure
Rapidforce are from Serbia and the latest studio effort of this thrashing five-piece bears resemblance to the sound of Pantera. The question that burns in everyone’s mind right now must be ‘is this band as good as Pantera’? Well, let me answer that question with another question: do you think Dimebag Darrel is dead? Well… yes, unfortunately he is.

Thing is, it’s okay to be influenced by a band. It’s even okay to be heavily influenced by a band. What kills a record for me, is the following. I didn’t read the biography when I put the disc in my CD player for the first time. I immediately thought of it as a bad Pantera clone. There we have it.

Truth be told, the musicianship on Burst Under Pressure isn’t bad at all. But when drummer Yekee makes just as little use of his toms as Pantera’s drummer Vinnie Abbott and the songs cannot let one think of anything else than aforementioned band, up to the point where ‘Eyes For An Eye’ has almost the same riffs as the Pantera song ‘Five Minutes Alone’, (more comparisons can be made. For example: 'Something To Destroy' is Pantera's 'We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time') I’m close to having heard enough.

Furthermore, vocalist Robert has a decent raw, grooving voice, but he’s by far no Phil Anselmo. Another minus for Rapidforce. To top it all off; the lyrics in the booklet contain loads and loads of spelling errors, aside from the fact that I can hardly decipher what message the lyrics are supposed to contain.

The musical skills that keep Rapidforce alive are decent enough to sprout forth original material in the future, but this album practically forces listeners to compare it to Pantera’s work, and that is where it utterly fails to impress.
Rapidforce - Burst Under Pressure
56/1001Details Twilight Zone Records
Released on Friday Jul 11th, 2008
Power Thrash Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Thursday Jun 26th, 2008

Tags: #Rapidforce
Tracklisting 1. Who Wept For Them
2. Strong Enough
3. Hero
4. Eyes For An Eye
5. Worthless
6. Glamoch
7. I Will Stand Alone
8. Apostol Of Madness
9. Something To Destroy
10. Curb
11. A Song For Me
Line up Vihor - bass
Yekee - drums
Robert - vocals
Kolle - guitar
Mickey - guitar