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Dr.Doom/Collision - Split
Last month this grinding piece of Dutch plastic came out. Two bands from two different regions of our country (the south and the north), teamed up to make a blistering hot CD. The artwork done by Nabbe the Bastard is spot on! Great drawing of a skull full of maggots and other creatures.   
First of all, we have Dr. Doom. After releasing a MCD in late 2007, this is already their second release. The band starts off the disc with an incredible doomy sounding intro-song called Enter. This song has a pulverizing, groovy riff in it, which reminds me of underground bands like Asschapel, Unruh or a doomy His Hero Is Gone. This intro suddenly turns fluently into a fast ripping grindcore song, which rips everything apart. High-speed metallic grindcore that is in between bands like Cephalic Carnage and a crustcore band like Disfear. What stands out for me, are the high pitched vocals of vocalist Eli and the low background growls of guitar-player Mart. It works really well. Third song 'Glory Days' has even more blast-beat parts than the second song, but always with a good groove and moshy feel to it. Next song begins with some insane noise riffs, comparable to the first The Dillinger Escape Plan record. The recordings are very well done. Massive guitar-sound; and that with just one guitar-player! If you like your music to be a perfect mix between metal, grind and crusty hardcore...than this is a band to check out! Definitely one of the best new coming Dutch bands in the grind-scene…
Collision picks up the damage Dr. Doom has done, from the sixth song on and they do it loud! This is their latest release after their second full length Roadkiller from 2006. Musically it goes on in the same path as the songs on Roadkiller did. Fast grinding thrashcore with dual vocals attack. This band has elements of hardcore, grindcore and even thrash-metal. A good description of this band is an oldschool grindcore band mixed with Municipal Waste alike crossover/thrash. Just full speed hardcore/grind with some good thrash-metal riffs thrown into it. If I’m not mistaken, the third Collision song, 'Plastic', is an old song from an old hardcore/crust band called Aso. In the fifth song we even find a cover by the famous Dutch punkrockers De Heideroosjes. It’s called Not In My Backyard. The original song is a fast, snotty punk-song, but the guys from Collision turned it into a blistering grind song. Great! A great split release by two bands, which fit together really well. But to my humble opinion, Dr. Doom takes the cake! Check out this rough diamond from the underground.
Dr.Doom/Collision - Split
78/1001Details Scrotum Jus Records/Everydayhate Records
Released on Friday May 30th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Jun 26th, 2008

Tags: #Dr.Doom/Collision
Tracklisting Dr. Doom

01. Enter
02. Few Dead Men
03. Glory Days
04. Declaration Of Disobedience
05. This Is Our Funeral


06. Vortex Of Disgust
07. Crackwhore Barbie
08. Plastic
09. Exaggerated Doom And Gloom
10. Not In My Backyard
11. Toxic Nightmare
Line up Dr. Doom

Eli - vocals
Mart - guitar, backing vocals
JB - bass
Joris - drums


Wouter aka Tammi - vocals
Bjorn - vocals
Luc - guitar
Boris - bass
Job - drums