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Dantesco - Pagano
Dantesco is a band hailing from Puerto Rico. Since I am always interested in music from distant places, I was very curious what one of the biggest bands of Puerto Rico had to offer. They even played with bands like Judas Priest, Exciter a.o.! Wow, this should be good! How I could be more wrong….The ugly cover of the album should have rang the alarm bells, but I was blinded by the thought of the discovery of a diamond in the rough from Puerto Rico.
Dantesco plays a form of theatrical heavy metal with an operatic vocalist. And they play it the way nobody has ever played it before and never should play it again! The horror….They start off quite okay with a nice intro, but then he enters the scene. And with he I mean Eric La Bestia. Damned…this guys easily tops my list of worst vocalists ever. Some might say that his voice needs an acquired taste to like what you hear. The only thing I can say to those people is, if that’s your taste then you’re eating out of my garbage and liking it! Man…this guy sings bad, it totally throws off my attention towards the music. He dominates the entire disc and that’s too bad. Maybe the other musicians are alright, but I just cannot hear them.
I’m really sorry, I tried to listen to this “music”, but several tries didn’t lead me past song seven (quite an accomplishment by the way if you take the quality of the music in account!). So maybe the other four songs are magnificent songs and could be labelled classics, though I doubt it highly….Please stop giving bands like this the opportunity to spread its filth!
Dantesco - Pagano
25/1001Details Cruz del Sur
Released on Thursday Apr 24th, 2008
Heavy Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Jun 28th, 2008

Tags: #Dantesco
Tracklisting 1. Santa Croce Titulus
2. La Ultima Visita De Grendel
3. Por Tu Santo Amor
4. Su Sangre Es Mia
5. Exorcista
6. De La Mano De La Muerte
7. En El Bosque…Esta Noche
8. Aguila De Sangre
9. Anibal
10. I Came From Hell (European Bonus Track…what a joy…)
11. Gethsemane (European Bonus Track
Line up Erico La Bestia – Vocals
Joel Carraquillo – Guitars
Dennis Torres – Guitars
Ramon de Jesus – Bass
Wampa - Drums