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Mevãdio - Fresh Kill Daily
Fresh Kill Daily is a manifestation of what Mevãdio was ever about: deep respect for the greats of rock and heavy metal. The album places the listener somewhere in between The Cult and Slayer without any regards whatsoever for trends, schools and sorry-ass band wagons. Instead, it’s a brutal onslaught of thrashy groovy riffs, thunderous bass and diabolic vocals – all mixed up in Mevãdio’s unique mix of dynamics and melodic phrases.”

Promising quote huh?! And where nowadays probably 99% of the bands say this about themselves, an estimated 99% of all those bands is wrong about themselves. But surprise surprise, Mevãdio comes close with their description. They actually DO rock! They DO actually sound like something that many people should be able to appreciate, being a metal fan. The thing that keeps my attention throughout the album is, besides just damn fine music, the fact that it’s really hard to label this music. It’s almost impossible to pigeonhole this band. And that’s always a good thing! ‘Cause it means refreshment. And refreshment is good. Well, it is with this release.

Besides damn fine music, Fresh Kill Daily brings us even finer vocal lines. The main vocals are perfectly outbalanced in between power metal alike (alike I said! Not really power metal!) vocals and raw yet quite high screams that give a perfect metal feel to the music. A good example is to be found in ‘The Propaganda’. Still, I’m actually having a bit of a hard time describing this properly so I can only suggest you to check it out yourself. And I don’t mean just one song. But the whole album.

Mevãdio is a to me new band that is absolutely here to stay. They bring a great mix of all kinds of metal ingredients to the table without overdoing it. If there was any album to be released this year with such a great balance between different elements, it’s definitely Fresh Kill Daily. It may need a little time to grow on you but once it does, you’ll love it! Accessible yet uncompromising metal!
Mevãdio - Fresh Kill Daily
79/1001Details Target Records / Suburban
Released on Friday May 9th, 2008

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Jul 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Mevãdio
Tracklisting 01. Abusers Manual
02. Ultimate Human Virtues
03. Norma Jean
04. The Propaganda
05. Necessary Kills
06. Directors Cut
07. Seven Deadly Songs
08. Operation Sabbatical
09. My Sweet Cage
10. Project New Start
Line up Thomas – Guitar
Kenneth – Drums
Kruger – Vocals
Ivan – Lead Guitar
Michael – Bass