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Theatres Des Vampires - Anima Noir
Anima Noir is already the eleventh album of these “vampires”. A band that has made its mark in the Italian gothic scene. If you can survive for eleven albums in a crowded scene, some might say that Theatres Des Vampires (TDS) has a loyal following.
TDS plays Gothic Metal (they proclaim that they play Vampire Metal….yeah right) larded with some electronic beats. You can compare it a bit with Theatre of Tragedy in times of their third album, though qualitatively way less.
Sonya has an okay voice. Nothing spectacular, but also not glass breaking. And that’s too bad….The vocals are such an important element for this kind of metal to be successful. If I compare this with other gothic metal releases like for example the last album of Within Temptation or the debut album of Kingfisher Sky, I must say that TDS pales in comparison. They aren’t a bad band, but Sonya’s voice just doesn’t cut it. It’s decent, but that’s not enough nowadays.
It shouldn’t be a real problem if the other musicians would be really good, but they also linger in the mud called decency. Nothing fancy, but they just do their task with no strings attached. They just play at the service of the songs and those are built around Sonya’s voice and the occasional beats (though so it seems). And well, those elements aren’t to write home about. All in all this makes Anima Noir a mediocre disc.
If you could compare this effort of TDS with a colour it would be grey. Nice to wear to work, but not to stand out in a crowd. This is the same with Anima Noir; nice to have if you want to own every disc in this scene, but not a high flier whatsoever.
Theatres Des Vampires - Anima Noir
65/1001Details Aural Music
Released on Friday May 2nd, 2008
Gothic Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Jul 8th, 2008

Tags: #Theatres Des Vampires
Tracklisting 1. Kain
2. Unspoken Worlds
3. Rain
4. Dust
5. From The Deep
6. Blood Addiction
7. Butterfly
8. Wherever You Are
9. Two Seconds
10. Anima Noir
Line up Sonya Scarlet – Vocals
Stephan – Guitars
Fabian – Keys
Zimon – Bass
Gabriel - Drums