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Today Is The Day - Axis Of Eden
Ah, good old Steve Austin. Let me say this first: I recently read an interview with this man where he proclaimed that Mastodon was only TITD-light. He was bitching about Bill Kelliher taking Brann Dailor (both played in TITD) from his band and starting his own which was only a commercial version of TITD... said band being Mastodon. I thought it was rather sad actually. I know you're underground and everything and I respect you for your vision, beliefs and music but you don't need this. I actually enjoy Mastodon a lot more than Today Is The Day but that's another story and the fact remains that TITD isn't about being 'enjoyed'.
With that out of the way, what we have here is a new record which is as uncomprising as ever. Layers of noisy guitars slip 'n slide over tribal wardrums while on top a mix of distorted screams and sabbathian vocals proclaim the end of everything that we know. Today Is The Day has always been a unique band, but aforementioned description could have been applied to the last 3 albums. TITD isn't about progression but probably being certain that the message gets through.
Always slightly underproduced, there's a fairly powerful production present this time which does a lot to enlarge the impact. There aren't any surprises at all, but to be honest: Who would've expected any?
This a classic TITD record, so it won't make any new fans but it certainly will not lose any either.

Review by Ce-El-Wan
Today Is The Day - Axis Of Eden
75/1001Details SuperNova Records
Released on Sunday Sep 9th, 2007
Experimental Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jul 9th, 2008

Tags: #Today Is The Day
Tracklisting 01. IED
02. Free at Last
03. Broken Promises and Dead Dreams
04. If You Want Peace Prepare for War
05. No Lung Baby
06. Black Steyr Aug
07. My Wish Id Your Command
08. Circus Maximus
09. Total Resistance
10. The Worst That Ever Happened to Me
11. Axis of Eden
12. Desolation
Line up Steve Austin
Chris Debari
Derek Roddy