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Fightcast - Breeding A Divinity

In my 20 years of existence I have heard many Italian bands, but little of them are worth mentioning. According to the bio of the new Italian band Fightcast I will be blown away by this “promising release”. I sincerely hoped that this would be true, because after all the mediocre and shitty bands, I hoped to see a glimp of the top of the Italian metal scene. Or have I seen the top already, but didn’t I realise it was the top of the scene?! Anyway, this metalcore should enchant fans of In Flames, Soilwork and Caliban and is said to be “the new sensation in modern metallic heaviness.”

After listening a couple of times to this record I only respected the music of Soilwork more and more, instead of liking Fightcast. When you’re not familiar with for example Soilwork, Breeding A Divinity is a decent album, but when you do know them you’ll hear in every passage, every breakdown, every riff something Soilwork-like. The music is well-played, that’s unquestionable. The real question is whether they try to trick the listener or themselves. 

Maybe there is potential in this young band, but they first have to write and record their own music and then we’ll see. Hopefully they don’t bother us with their mediocre rip-offs anymore and hopefully they’ll burn the scores and start all over!

Fightcast - Breeding A Divinity
45/1001Details Kolony Records
Released on Friday Jul 18th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Saturday Jul 12th, 2008

Tags: #Fightcast
Tracklisting 01. Poison Cage
02. Filter
03. Three Ghosts For You
04. The White Pitch
05. Chrome Within
06. New Shade Behind
07. Illogical Trip
08. Charlie B.
09. Breeding A Divinity
Line up Filippo Tellerini – Vocals
Stefano Casadei – Guitar
Francesco Vicini – Bass
Alberto Casadei – Guitar
Marco Biondi – Drums