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Abomino Aetas - Sower of Death
Typical Norwegian Black Metal is the best way to describe Abomino Aetas. This band claims to keep the flame of true black metal alive with their first full length called Sower of Death. But then again, don’t they all? Personally I hoped this release would bring something new and unique to the Norwegian Black Metal scene.


After listening to Sower of Death a couple of times, during night time and during day time, it became clear to me: when you are familiar with a band like Darkthrone, you will find Abomino Aetas comparable and thus predictable. They seem to introduce most of the songs with samples of rain and thunder while lacking any kind of originality. The lyrics are written in English, except for the song ‘Katt’, which is written in Norse. Although the quality of the production is of a pretty high standard, the songs are basic. If you like the traditional style, you will highly appreciate the melodic riffs, double bass percussion and abhorrent vocals. If you get easily bored by Norwegian Black Metal as we know it, you probably won’t feel any different after listening to Sower of Death.

Abomino Aetas - Sower of Death
55/1001Details Firestorm Records
Released on Sunday Jun 1st, 2008
Norwegian Black Metal

Writer @Kaar on Monday Jul 14th, 2008

Tags: #Abomino Aetas
Tracklisting 1. Sodomizing Satan
2. Penetrating the Darkness
3. Black Angel
4. Katt
5. Enslaved by God
6. Towards Cosmos
7. Sower of Death
8. Light of Venus
9. Nocturnal Legion
10. Black Hole
11. Stille Begravelse
Line up Consitor Mortuus