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Clusterhead - Times Of No Trust
Times Of No Trust is the debut album of the German band Clusterhead. They were formed in 2005 and released 3 EP’s before this full length. The biography states that Clusterhead has been compared in the press to bands like Bonfire, Axel Rudi Pell and Pink Cream 69.
And they’re completely right! Quite a unique accomplishment, because normally we receive a promotional piece of paper with a text that tries to convince us that we have to do with a novelty in the metal scene or something that we haven’t heard before in our lives. Most of the time I get disappointed…. But this time they hit the nail on the head. The music can easily be described as melodic metal which is especially influenced by Pink Cream 69.
The first two songs really grabbed my attention. I was pleasantly surprised with the power of the guitars and drums and the production of the disc. Also vocalist Rene shines in these two songs. Its too bad that after those songs Clusterhead loses power, because the rest isn’t really special. I have heard it before and I have heard it better. It seems that the voice of Rene is a bit limited. He doesn’t possess the flexibility and doesn’t have enough power in his voice to convince me. In songs that are just straight rock songs he does a fine job, but when the vocal patterns become a little bit more complex he just doesn’t do it for me.
I hope Rene has some room to grow, because Clusterhead has the ability to create some nice songs. Besides the vocal qualities of Rene, writing more interesting song is a necessity, because this cd became dull after the first five songs.
Clusterhead - Times Of No Trust
67/1001Details ArtistService
Released on Friday May 30th, 2008
Melodic Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Jul 15th, 2008

Tags: #Clusterhead
Tracklisting 1. Tears I’ve Cried
2. Times Of No Trust
3. Made Of Stone
4. Ghosts
5. The Human Factor
6. Poisened
7. Deep In The Night
8. Prediction Of A Fight
9. Dead Faint
10. Your Confession
11. Hole In My Heart
Line up Rene Brandt – Vocals
Frank Stadlbauer – Guitars
Andreas Meyer – Bass
Rüdiger Tonn - Drums