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Drammagothica - Ira
Ira is the first release of the Italian gothic metal band Drammagothica. There were a lot of line up changes and fine-tuning before they found the sound that they offer on Ira. A first release normally falls in three categories: a smashing debut, a record which is decent and has potential or just a waste of money.
I can jump straight to the conclusion and that´s that Drammagothica falls in the category waste of money. The gothic metal scene is crowded with some high quality bands. It´s hard for a starting band to find yourself a place in such a competitive scene. Those bands that find their own niche, play music on a high level and have excellent vocalists.
And especially the last part is what is wrong with Drammagothica. Laura just can´t sing! Period! Luca his grunt is in the range of passable or decent and with the first notes of the album, I didn´t expect this album to be that bad. And it´s all due to the voice of Laura… She doesn´t have the volume or power that is necessary to make a gothic album a success. She sometimes just sings out of key!
I hope that they will fire Laura and move on or just stop producing new songs. Because with the pieces that are in place at this moment, they just lack quality to be more successful.
Drammagothica - Ira
45/1001Details Nessuna/Kick Agency
Released on Thursday Mar 13th, 2008
Gothic Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Wednesday Jul 16th, 2008

Tags: #Drammagothica
Tracklisting 1. Ex Tenebris Oritur Obscuritas
2. Canticum Morti
3. Last Breath
4. Void
5. The Oblivion´s Cradle
6. The Lost Soul Echoes
7. Anger In Pity
8. Her Ghost
9. Drama & Pathos
Line up Laura Santngelo – Vocals
Luca Lombardi – Vocals
Carlo De Filippo – Keyboards/Synths
Marco Lombardi – Guitars
Lucia Penna – Bass
Julian Iuliano – Drums/Percuss