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Key of Mythras - Demonspeed Metalstorm
Having left the Austrian Black Metal band [b]Sanguis[/b] after playing in it for two years, Duncan (formerly Zhorn) begins a one-man project entitled [b]Key Of Mythras[/b]. He invited two guest musicians to do keyboards and drums, while he focused on string instruments and vocals himself. A good way of distributing talent, because [i]Demonspeed Metalstorm[/i] sounds very interesting. [b]Key Of Mythras[/b] is Black Metal, but with minor Thrash influences that mainly express themselves through the drums. On most of the songs Svart works with single-bassdrum blastbeat and I must say: damn, That sounds good! The Intro is a long keyboard-instrumental, which I thought had some cool parts in it. But for an intro it�s a bit on the long side. On the rest of the tracks, keyboard influences are barely noticable. Not a bad thing, because this gives a more �oldschool� feeling, which I like. Vocals are bad-ass and sound just right. The lyrics are definitely oldschool blackmetal, with all sorts of dark messages and stuff... you know the drill, right? It�s safe to say that [i]Demonspeed Metalstorm[/i] is a good first album. There are still some minor things to correct, such as the guitarsound. Sometimes, it was just impossible to make out the riffs and personally, I prefer to hear guitars played louder than drums instead of the opposite. Conclusion: a good debut and be sure to check [b]Key Of Mythras[/b] out! [b]Line-Up:[/b] Duncan: all string instruments and vocals Julia: guest keyboards Svart: guest drums [b]Tracklisting:[/b] 1. Intro � Debris of Faith 2. Crown Of Horns 3. Necrotica � A Silent Slumber Manifest 4. By The Night Haunted 5. Behold The Pentagram 6. Hecates Chamber 7. Night Of The Metal Maniacs [b]Review by BlackRain[/b]
Key of Mythras - Demonspeed Metalstorm
78/1001Details Pulsar Light Records / SonicRendezvous
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Key of Mythras
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