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Grey Daturas - Return To Disruption
Grey Daturas hails from Melbourne, Australia and Return To Disruption is their third album of improvised instrumental music. Having spent an incredible amount of time on recording and mixing it, the bio states that this is their best work yet. To me they’re new, so let’s see what these 'mates' have come up with.
As I said, the band improvises their instrumental music with no songs or melodies; they don’t even rehearse! Drawing their influences from free jazz, avant garde, psychedelic rock, punk, metal, industrial and noise, they concoct a spaced-out trip to hell and back ready to induce an LSD trip to your ears. The trio obviously takes pleasure out of having no restrictions whatsoever.
This concept results in a sonic nightmare that takes you from deep drones to über-sludge riffing to ear-puncturing industrial and noise. Clearly this is not a band for tunnel-visioned metal heads. The sound of these guys lies somewhere inbetween that of Wolf Eyes, early Sunn 0))) and Boris. It can be calm and relaxing at one moment and totally fucking annoying at the other, but never boring.
 If you dig the bands mentioned above you’ll surely enjoy Return To Disruption. I doubt their previous work approaches this record, so if you want to start off right with this band, be sure to pick up this one. As the bio quotes Heart Attack: ‘Grey Daturas may very well be to Australia what Boris is to Japan or Sunn 0))) to the United States’. I can’t say it any better.
Grey Daturas - Return To Disruption
79/1001Details Neurot Recordings
Released on Monday Apr 7th, 2008
Avant Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jul 17th, 2008

Tags: #Grey Daturas
Tracklisting 1. Beyond and into the Ultimate
2. Return to Disruption
3. Balance of Convenience
4. Answered in the Negative
5. Undisturbed
6. Demarcation Disputes/Unity
7. Neuralgia
Line up Robert MacManus
Bonnie Mercer
Robert Mayson