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Black Tide - Light From Above
First time I heard of this new metal band, was when they did a support show for High On Fire. That got my interest, because HOF is probably one of my all-time favorite bands. So I was anxious to check this record out.

I know by now, that this band is pretty much being hyped in America and that’s probably why they got signed by a huge major label. In fact it seems that Interscope Records is trying to get a slice of the new thrash-metal pie…  I think the managers or whatever from Interscope doesn’t really know what metal or thrash-metal should sound like. It’s certainly not this….

The fact that one of the band members is just 14 years old and the others are all under twenty years probably has to do something with it as well. I think that’s also the problem. It’s been presented as thrash-metal, but it’s actually more mainstream radio-friendly metal/rock. The cover says “A combination of Megadeth riffage, Metallica brutality and Guns ‘n Roses melody”. I think that’s a pretty good description, but that’s also the biggest problem with this band! The whole record sounds so familiar to other bands. I hear a lot of Megadeth, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, Thin Lizzy and Skid Row, but I don’t hear any Black Tide! It’s all done very smooth, slick and professional, but it totally lacks its own identity… And the fact that they rape ‘Hit The Lights’ from Metallica, doesn’t help either!
I really tried to like this record, but its way to smooth and clean for my taste for a metal record. Metal should be scaring your mom with loud, aggressive music! I think my mom would even like this band… Some of the better songs on this record are the first one called ‘Shockwave’, which sounds like a catchy, poppy Megadeth and the second song ‘Shout’ is actually a pretty good poppy rock song, which wouldn’t surprise me when it will end up on mainstream radio and TV. The fifth song ‘Let Me’ is a simply sleazy rock/metal song, which reminds a bit of Black Label Society. For the rest it goes downhill… I really don’t hope this is a “metal” boyband created by a major, but I have my doubts! If you like smooth, slick mainstream rock/metal check this out! If not…stay far from it.
Black Tide - Light From Above
48/1001Details Interscope Records
Released on Monday Mar 31st, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Thursday Jul 17th, 2008

Tags: #Black Tide
Tracklisting 01. Shockwave
02. Shout
03. Warriors Of Time
04. Give Me A Chance
05. Let Me
06. Show Me The Way
07. Enterprise
08. Live Fast Die Young
09. Hit The Lights
10. Black Abyss
11. Light From Above
Line up Gabriel Garcia - lead guitar, lead vocals
Alexander Nunez - guitar
Zachary Sandler - bass
Steven Spence - drums