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Solid Ground - Can't Stop Now
When I started to search for some background information about Solid Ground I found out they decided to call it a day. The main reason for this decision is the lack of time for most band members. As they stated on their website ‘We couldn’t dedicate as much time to the band as we wanted to.’

If you’d ask me it’s a strange situation. You’ve just released a new album and after that you decide to call it a day because of the lack of time. Besides that, Solid Ground did write another 4 songs that they still want to record and release. So this means you don’t have enough time for the band but you do want to record another couple of songs. Well, in the end we aren’t here to question the band, but to review their latest effort called Can’t Stop Now. The irony!
´Not This Time´ is the start of the album which immediately gives away the influences of Madball and Judge. Besides these influences I kept thinking of Lou Koller during the songs. Of course not the least name to be compared to, but it’s only because of the style that is very similar. The rest of the album contains some great songs, but sadly enough there are also some tracks that you could skip instantly.
Overall Can’t Stop Now is not a bad album, it’s just that a lot of songs sound the same and there are just a handful of tracks that stand above the rest. Still it’s a pity this band calls it day because I believe there is some potential present. On the other hand I do respect the fact they want to do the job right with no concessions. So check these guys out on their last European show.
Solid Ground - Can't Stop Now
70/1001Details Let It Burn
Released on Friday Mar 14th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Friday Jul 18th, 2008

Tags: #Solid Ground
Tracklisting 01. Not This Time
02. Keep It To Yourself
03. Plain And Simple
04. Can't Stop Now
05. By Myself
06. Well Deserved
07. Home
08. Intro
09. Alive
10. Peace Of Mind
11. Time To Go
12. Focused Mind
13. Mistakes
14. Every Moment
15. Do Not Cross Mine
Line up Martin: vocals
Diamond D: guitar
Raffi: guitar
Dominic: bass
Roman: drums