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Isis - Holy Tears EP
This is the latest output from one of the biggest postcore bands around. To me they’ve always been the ‘smaller’ brother of Neurosis. This will do them no justice anymore. They developed their own identity throughout the years.
This is not a full length album, but merely an EP with actually one new song. On this EP we find this new song ‘Holy Tears’, in three different versions plus a remix from a different Isis song! I rather had a couple of new songs more, but they chose a different path. First version is the normal studio version of the song. It’s a typical Isis song, with a great build-up in the song. From moody, soft acoustic, atmospheric music, till a dosed eruption of pure energy and aggression. Pretty much in the same pace of their previous released album In The Absence Of Truth.

Second song is a remix from the Melvins/Lustmord project. The song called ‘Not In Rivers, But In Drops’ was previously released on the In The Absence Of Truth from 2006. The song has been treated with a lot of respect to its original version. It holds the same depressed, moody feel as the original song. The song is a bit more powerful, because of the intense drum-sound of Dale Crover and the typical bass lines of Big Business/Melvins bass-player. Brain Williams aka Lustmord weaves his noise, dark ambient structurally through the song, which gives it an even more dark eerie sound to it.

Third song is the live version of ‘Holy Tears’. The song has been recorded, when Isis did the support-act of Tool’s last American tour in 2006. The third version of ‘Holy Tears’ is the video-clip, which you can play on your computer. I would advice everyone, to first check out this version. The images of the clip give the song so much more power. I loved it! The images fit perfectly to the music. The clip deals about the death of one person and the birth of a new life. Seeing one person committing suicide through jumping of a building and seeing him flying through the air, gives the song another dimension and meaning. Beautiful!
Isis - Holy Tears EP
78/1001Details Ipecac Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 5th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Sunday Jul 20th, 2008

Tags: #Isis
Tracklisting 01. Holy Tears (album version)
02. Not In Rivers, But In Drops (Melvins/Lustmord remix)
03. Holy Tears (live version)
04. Holy Tears (video-clip, pc version)
Line up Aaron Turner - guitar, vocals
Bryant Clifford Meyer - electronics, guitar, vocals
Aaron Harris - drums
Michael Gallagher - guitar
Jeff Caxide - bass