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New Found Glory / International Superheroes Of Har - Tip Of The Iceberg / Takin It Ova
This review is quite a weird one, or maybe it’s not the review that’s weird but the album is. One this promo there are two bands, New Found Glory and International Superstars Of Hardcore, but both bands have the same musicians. Still got it? Well I don’t but that doesn’t matter, we're here for the music after all. 
So this is a split disc which is released by Bridge Nine Records and contains six songs from New Found Glory under the name of Tip Of The Iceberg EP and 12 songs from International Superheroes Of Hardcore LP called Takin It Ova. Starting with 3 new songs of New Found Glory where they quickly show their great writing skills. Especially ‘Dig My Own Grave´ is a great song. The other three songs on the Tip Of The Iceberg EP are covers from Shelter, Gorilla Biscuits and Lifetime.
The rest of the album contains only new songs from International Superheroes Of Hardcore. Starting with their own intro called ´ISHC Theme Song´ they immediately set the tone for the rest of the album. No nonsense hardcore with great lyrics. When I say great lyrics I mean great lyrics, not only are they very humoristic but they also have a serious subject. Just read the lyrics of ´Screamo Gotta Go´ or ´Captain Straight Edge´ and you’ll know what I mean.
On the other hand International Superheroes Of Hardcore don’t take themselves too seriously with songs about wearing your seatbelt in the car, shitty language and that they are just as cool as Madball because ‘Madball’s Got Our Back’. In my humble opinion this split album is one of the greatest that was released last year. I do hope they will do a European tour on this album because it has written party hardy all over it.
New Found Glory / International Superheroes Of Har - Tip Of The Iceberg / Takin It Ova
90/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 29th, 2008
Punk / hardcore

Writer @Niamen on Monday Jul 21st, 2008

Tags: #New Found Glory / International Superheroes Of Har
Tracklisting New Found Glory
1. Tip Of The Iceberg
2. Dig My Own Grave
3. If You Don't Love Me
4. No Reason Why
5. Here We Go
6. Cut The Tension

International Superheroes Of Hardcore
7. Ishc Theme Song
8. Screamo Gotta Go
9. Captain Straight Edge
10. Seat Belt
11. Madball's Got Our Back
12. Fashion Show
13. Back To The Future
14. Superhero Sellouts
15. Just Like Dr. Jones
16. Hardcore Hokey Pokey
17. Dirty Mouth
18. Ebay Revenge
Line up New Found Glory
Jordan Pundik - Vocals
Chad Gilbert - Lead Guitar
Steve Klein - Rhythm Guitar
Ian Grushka - Bass
Cyrus Bolooki - Drums

International Superheroes Of Hardcore
Captain Straightedge (Chad Gilbert) - Vocals
Mr. Mosh (Steve Klein) - Guitar
Chugga Chugga (Jordan Pundik) - Guitar
Sgt. Soy (Ian Grushka) - Bass Guitar
The Amazing Breakdown (Cyrus Bolooki) - Drums