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U.S. Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs
North Carolina’s Marion-based U.S. Christmas is quite an unusual band, just like the name makes you suspect. It’s supposed to be filed under cosmic warrior rock, but I haven’t seen a section for that in any record store. Psychedelic space rock is probably the easier way out, so let’s go.
Since the band started out in 2002, it has matured in both line-up and sound. The band now consists of six people, of which many play things like the theremin and synthesizers. There are three guitars present as well as three synths, to be more precise. Obviously, the label of psychedelic space rock band applies to them like 'tyrant' applies to George Bush. As they vary in tempo from time to time, the sound basically stays the same. Spaced out rock with a ton of delay effects, modulating synths and freaky theremin noises is what you get, accompanied by a voice that resembles a depressing desperation filled with disgust. This voice also stays about the same for the entire record. The trained ear can probably detect hints of jazz, blues and country in the cosmic mixture as well.
So that means little variation with a great sound. Not a bad thing at all! This album is great to relax to as well as to pay attention to. Especially people with a fetish for many layers in music, a shitload of spaced effects and an attitude of slight contempt towards everything will get their kicks out of Eat The Low Dogs. Let’s hope that more of the U.S. Christmas will come to Europe!
U.S. Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs
85/1001Details Neurot Recordings
Released on Monday Jun 2nd, 2008
Cosmic Warrior Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jul 29th, 2008

Tags: #U.S. Christmas
Tracklisting 1. In the Light of all Time
2. The Scalphunters
3. Say Sister
4. Silent Tongue
5. The Light and Trails
6. Uktena
7. Gallows Humor
8. Black Lung
9. Pray to the Sky
Line up Matt Johnson - guitars, theremin, synth
Chad Davis - modular synth, guitars, recording engineer, production
Nate Hall - guitars, vocals
Ben Teeter - synth keys
Tim Greene - drums
John Presnell - bass