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Laaz Rockit - Left For Dead
Never say never again. That should have been the title of the new Laaz Rockit album. Just two years ago singer Michael Coons claimed that there would never be another album from this San Francisco outfit. Many members had changed their lives dramatically so it would be too much trouble. After the reunion virus took over the Bay Area and the old league of trash metal bands started to conquer the world’s stages again. Laaz Rockit just did a few shows and considered it to be enough. However when Exodus and Death Angel started to release superb albums it may have triggered a spark. One spark is all it takes and now we have Left For Dead
The first few cuts clearly reveal the old school thrash sound, meaning speedy guitars, driving drums, screaming vocals and fast metal. Most of the tracks have a modern feel while still delivering that old school touch. It is nice to see that this revival hasn’t been a case of easy cashing in on a trend. The old bands really are enthusiastic again about their music. Blood is thicker than water they say and that applies to this band as well.
I notice something of a youthful spark about all this, not bad for a bunch of guys who started almost 30 years ago. Being the first album in about 15 years, it follows the Nothing’s Sacred album. Left For Dead is basically where they left off all those years ago and is a solid album from start to finish. Let’s just hope that this wasn’t a one off, ok guys?
Laaz Rockit - Left For Dead
80/1001Details Massacre
Released on Friday Jul 25th, 2008
Trash Metal

Writer @Angel on Sunday Aug 10th, 2008

Tags: #Laaz Rockit
Tracklisting 1. Brain Wash
2. Delirium Void
3. Erased
4. My Euphoria
5. Ghost In The Mirror
6. Turmoil
7. Liar
8. Desolate Oasis
9. No Man
10. Outro
Line up Michael Coons - Vocals
Aaron Jellum - Guitar
Phil Kettner - Guitar
Willy Lange - Bass
Sky Harris - Drums