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The Kill - Hate Sessions 2000-2002
This is kind of a discography of the Australian Grindcore band The Kill. It’s all the recordings they did, in their first 2 years of existence (2000-2002).They broke up a couple of times in the years after that. In the middle of 2006 they re-grouped again with a new singer and did some shows again.
Basically this release contains their The Soundtrack To Your Violence MCD, split 7” w/ Birdflesh, demo tape, split 7” w/ Retaliation and their 4-way split 7”. It's 25 songs of pure blistering, fast, extreme sonic grind terror! Those 25 songs are passing you by like a Boeing plane flying straight over your head in just over 22 minutes. Musically, this band plays hyperfast, mind-blowing technical grind/powerviolence, comparable to bands as Discordance Axis, Assuck, Narcosis and an insane over the top Brutal Truth. This band exists out of a drummer, guitar-player and a vocalist, so no bass here.
The first 14 songs are from The Soundtrack To Your Violence. These songs are over before you even know it, but these songs are the best songs on the disc. These recordings have a very good, acceptable sound. Normally that’s the biggest problem of underground grind bands, having a decent sound. It’s too difficult to write stuff about separated songs, because they are over before I even hit the keyboard. Most of the lyrics by this band are in the category of hate humanity and fuck off! lyrics. Occasionally they sing about some political topics. After a couple of times listening to this record, I got to like their sound more and more. As always with grindcore bands doing a shitload of songs in just a short time, it’s the boredom that hits you after a dozen of songs. It’s the same with The Kill.
After hearing them play the puss out of my ears for 15 songs, I kinda heard it all. The 16th song sounds exactly as the first one. What doesn’t help either is that the recordings of the Retaliation split 7” and the rest, don't sound as good as the first 14 songs. Some songs are a pure blur of drums and guitars with a vomiting angry singer. With a proper recording this disc may keep your interest until the end, but now I kinda lost interest halfway through. It’s a pity though, because the first 14 songs made me hungry for more.
If you want your grindcore fast, technical and just insanely over the top and you are into stuff like Discordance Axis, than this is the band for you! Oh, currently The Kill is writing and recording for a new full length album. Hopefully they are recording their stuff at a proper studio.
The Kill - Hate Sessions 2000-2002
65/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 8th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Sunday Aug 10th, 2008

Tags: #The Kill
Tracklisting 01. Axe Attack
02. We Want Blood
03. Walking Dead
04. This One Hurts
05. The Kill (Napalm Death cover)
06. Tracksuit Pants Are Thrash
07. Fashion Victim
08. Junkies' Records
09. Jandimara's Burning
10. Fuck Emo
11. Gore
12. Metal Spastic
13. Blown Noise
14. Dead Babies
15. This One Hurts
16. We Want Blood
17. The Clash Have A Lot To Answer For
18. Junkies' Records
19. Fashion Victim
20. Let's Be Fast
21. Techno Head
22. Media Loves Misery
23. Stupid Pants
24. Extreme Wankers
25. Oh My God!
Line up Jay - drums
Roby - guitars
Tony - vocal abuse