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The Scourger - Dark Invitation To Armageddon
Ahhh…thrash metal! If I should name one subgenre of metal which stole my heart then it would be thrash metal. Not strange, since I grew up listening to metal when the second wave of thrash metal was going strong. Of course headlined by Machine Head and Pantera. I am so glad that we’re seeing a thrash revival nowadays. Though the first two waves also learned us, that besides some great bands there are always numerous mediocre or some plain bad bands that want their share of the pie. Were does the second outing of The Scourger stand?
My esteemed colleague Demondust was very positive on their debut, but that album was released in a market that was a tad different. A good thrash metal album was a bit of a rarity in 2006, but this year and last year brought us some excellent albums. The Scourger faces a lot more competition and of course this release will be compared to the new albums of Testament, Exodus and Death Angel.
And I have to say they really put up a fight. The Scourger isn’t at the level of the aforementioned bands, but with a bit more fine tuning they could get there within the next two albums. But if they want to get there, then one of the things that they really need to focus on are the vocals. A bit more variety would give the band more bandwidth to vary in their song writing. The guitarists and rhythm section are of a high level and the vocals are struggling to keep up.
Their thrash metal can be described as a mixture of Kreator, The Haunted and Exodus. Though they have to find a way to write more interesting songs to get to that level. A big plus for The Scourger though, is that they found a way to incorporate atmosphere into their thrash metal. Something that not many bands do in this genre. If they can build on this, then I’m really looking forward to their third album.
The Scourger - Dark Invitation To Armageddon
76/1001Details Cyclone Empire
Released on Friday Mar 14th, 2008
Thrash Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Aug 12th, 2008

Tags: #The Scourger
Tracklisting 1. Lex Talionis
2. No Redemption
3. In The Hour of Ruin
4. To Tame A Life
5. Never Bury The Hatchet
6. Deformed Reality
7. Dark Invitation To Armageddon
8. Reign in Bestial Sin
9. Beyond Judas
10. Cranium Crush
11. Last Nail To The Coffin
12. Vicious Circle
13. Hatehead (live)
Line up Jari Hurskainen – Vocals
Antti Wirman – Guitars
Jani Luttinen – Guitars
Kimmo Kammonen – Bass
Seppo Tarvainen - Drums