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Another Black Day - Self Titled
Bieler Bros is a label that is churning out excellent band after excellent band. New bands like Stereoside are been signed by Bieler Bros, but also great underrated bands like Sixth are on their roster. Another new signing of Bieler is Another Black Day (hereby shortened to ABD).
ABD is a young American band that exists in this line-up since 2007. Their music is hard to describe, because they draw influences from different bands and genres. There are some nu-metal influences present, but also more traditional metal and rock influences. In the States this kind of music is most of the time labelled as alternative metal, well with such a description you still don’t know what you can expect, do you? The band that you can compare it with is a band like Ra, though ABD weaves much more traditional metal influences in its compositions.
The vocals are one of the strongest points of ABD. Matthew has a very diverse voice. He can growl, use a ‘normal’ singing voice and most of the time combine the two with ease. He has a nice raspy voice which is quite enjoyable. It’s clear that producer Matt LaPlant also thinks that Matthew is an important piece of the puzzle, because the vocals are very prominent in the mix. Not that I mind, but in some songs I would like to hear more of the guitars and that’s not always the case.
I don’t have many critical notes in regard of this album. Of course the songwriting could be a bit better, which is normal for a debut album. They storm out of the gate with four excellent songs and after that the other songs are making less impact. Not because those are bad songs, on the contrary, they are good songs, but the first four are just a tad better. It’s like you fill your plate with all kind of different delicious appetizers, but you stuff yourself so full that you aren’t hungry for the main course. You’re already satisfied and that’s the same feeling I have with this album. Nonetheless an excellent debut album!
Another Black Day - Self Titled
80/1001Details Bieler Bros
Released on Monday Aug 25th, 2008
Alternative Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Wednesday Aug 13th, 2008

Tags: #Another Black Day
Tracklisting 1. Another Black Day
2. Hallowedd
3. Wicked Soul
4. Anymore
5. Take Back
6. Awakened
7. Crawling
8. Stand Up
9. Idols
10. Crickets
11. From The Ashes
Line up Matthew Wilkof – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Angel Hernandez – Drums
Das Haas – Bass
Ernesto Paez – Guitars