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Those Who Bring The Torture - Tank Gasmask Ammo
This uncatchy sounding bandname promises of mayhem and pain, and their album title reveals some of their tools of choice to execute this. Those Who Bring The Torture released a self-titled debut last year, and now they’re ready to continue on their march of death metal and grindcore. As always, bringing along some torture for everyone to enjoy.
This band hails from Sweden, and although they sound like they should pulverize everything in their path with ultra-blasting grindcore in the vein of countrymen Nasum or Regurgitate and other insane grinders, these guys have chosen the approach of Swedish death metal. With that being said, most of the review has also been written. Besides a nice production and some cool riffs every now and then, all you hear is a re-re-regurgitation of what many bands from that particular country have done before them.
I can’t really say it is a bad record, for the simple fact it doesn’t bore me at all. But if it wasn’t for this production I would probably not have listened to it more than three times, and I’m way past that now. So if your record collection is stacked with mid-tempo and blasting Swedish death metal, Those Who Bring The Torture is another addition to the collection.
Those Who Bring The Torture - Tank Gasmask Ammo
70/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Friday Jun 27th, 2008
Swedish Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 19th, 2008

Tags: #Those Who Bring The Torture
Tracklisting 1. Napalm God
2. Mutant Slut
3. All Hail the Goat (Lord of Great Mutation)
4. Tank Gasmask Ammo
5. Celebrating Gamma Bliss
6. Riders on the Mushroomcloud
7. Expecting a Search - Visibly hiding the Flesh
8. When Humans and Axes Collide
9. You should be brutally Slaughtered
10. Upon the Bonethrone
11. Reveler in Rot
12. Ionizing Rapture Altering Tissue
13. Radiation Blessed
Line up Crawl - guitar, vocals, bass
Worm - guitar
Maggot - drums