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Ba'al - Confusion Of Tongues

This east-German death/thrash-metal band was founded in early 2002. After the promising self-released CD-ep called ‘The Babel Concept’ in 2003, they received many positive reactions from the press. In 2004 they released their first full length album on Circulation Records, which was followed by a CD-ep in 2006. This time we have their second full length album ‘Confusion Of Tongues’ rotating in our CD-player…

The CD starts with a noisy intro, to burst out in pure mayhem few seconds later. The power and aggression drips slowly out of your speakers. The massive production of this record needs to be mentioned as well. One song that stands on its own is ‘Rushmonster’. It’s a fast brutal death-metal song, with loads of groove and moshy parts in it. Some bands that come in mind are a mix of bands like Suffocation, Soilent Green (in their Confrontation era), Bolt Thrower and metalcore related stuff like Heaven Shall Burn and Fear My Thoughts. A pretty lethal mix on paper, but also in the real world.
Over all this disc has fast up-tempo groovy Death-metal songs with lots of power, which will appeal to both death-metal freaks and the metalcore crowd. Big thumbs up to their singer Julian Fink, his grunt voice is brilliant! The song ‘(Heads Deep In The Ass Of The) Red Dragon’ is a fast ripper again! They don’t leave any room for the listener to take a breath, although this song has a misplaced solo in it. The songs do sound pretty similar to one and each other, but the band keeps it interesting enough to keep the listener out of boredom. The diversity between slower, beat down moshparts and fast death-metal blast beats, make this band more than average.
Overall this is an intense listening. Not really original, but the energy they produce gives them the thumbs up! I’m pretty curious how this band comes across on stage. If you dig fast, groovy death-metal, this band will be of your liking.
Ba'al - Confusion Of Tongues
78/1001Details Maintain Records
Released on Sunday Jul 6th, 2008
groovy Death-Metal

Writer @RoyBalowski on Sunday Aug 24th, 2008

Tags: #Ba'al
Tracklisting 01. The Blackwater Crusade
02. Rustmonster
03. Madness Of The King
04. (Heads Deep In The Ass Of The) Red Dragon
05. Vespertine Absurdity
06. Endeavor Bafflegab
07. Pink Tank Fantasies
08. Pile Of Debris
09. The Throne Of Nimrod
10. Exodus
Line up Julian Fink - vocals
Steffen Eckardt - guitars
Peter Hellmund - bass
Stefan Lang - guitars
Matthias Naumann - drums