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Verse - Aggression

In the mid 90s Bridge Nine Records became one of the better and bigger hardcore labels that brought out quality hardcore releases. Bands like American Nightmare (later this band was named Give Up The Ghost), Shark Attack, Panic and Death Threat, became the trademark of this label. These bands were all fast, furious and energetic oldschool hardcore bands, they set the blueprint of the new 90s hardcore. Later on, the label put out music from bands that could be placed in the emocore or metalcore corner. Verse is not such a band.

Verse brought out two full length albums on Rivalry Records. This third full length album is the first release for Bridge Nine Records. The album starts off with a calm, melodic and disarming guitar instrumental, but that’s just misleading to what is coming next. This band reminds me a lot of a melodic oldschool band called Turning Point. This old mid 80s band, was one of the first oldschool hardcore bands, which put a lot of melody and actual singing in their sound. Other bands that come to mind are H2O, Ignite and even a band like Deftones had their influences on them.
A song called ‘Old Guards, New Methods’ deals about the fact how the US handles their war-propaganda. This song ends in a huge sing-along with the words “No War!”. The lyrics of this band seem to be of great importance. Their singer, Sean Murphy, sees himself more of a spoken word artist than a singer. Lyrically they sing about topics like veganism, animal rights and destructive wars, failing economics and US politics in general.
Halfway through the album, the band wrote an epic six and a half minute lasting song. This is a conceptual song, which is built up in 3 movements. The song called ‘Story Of A Free Man’ deals about a story of depression, addiction and the following family decay as result. This is by far the best song of this album. You can listen to this song as three separated songs, but somehow they are connected with each other by atmospheric intermezzos. Great song!
A decent album by a good and solid band. I personally prefer the rawer, sounding oldschool stuff like Shark Attack and American Nightmare, but this band kept it interesting enough for me to enjoy it.
Verse - Aggression
70/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 10th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Sunday Aug 24th, 2008

Tags: #Verse
Tracklisting 01. The New Fury
02. Old Guards, New Methods
03. Suffering To Live, Scared Of Love
04. Signals
05. Scream
06. Story Of A Free Man - Chapter 1. The End Of Innocence
07. Story Of A Free Man - Chapter 2. The Cold Return
08. Story Of A Free Man - Chapter 3. Serenity
09. Blind Salvation
10. Unlearn
11. Earth And Stone
12. Sons And Daughters
Line up Sean Murphy - vocals
Eric Lepine - guitars
Zak Drummond - guitars
Chris Berg - bass
Shawn Costa - drums