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Black Succubi - Black Succubi
Black Succubi was only formed 3 years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark. They released some material before but until now it didn’t help them land a decent record deal. Still, I was very optimistic about this band when I heard their two track demo a couple of months back. As I called it back then; “strong and grooving heavy rock ‘n’ roll.” Fortunately the band continued on this path on their new album, resulting in an above average rock album. Here is Black Succubi.

With so many uninspiring bands popping up these days, it’s always nice to have some refreshment in the rock ‘n’ roll scene. Not that this band brings us pure, raw rock ‘n’ roll though. This band brings us more than just that. More heaviness, more grooving parts, great guitar solos, not-so-special-yet-effective-as-hell-riffing and some damn catchy choruses. Especially the groove in the music makes this album worthwhile. It just gives that little extra touch to the music.

And you may not expect it but even a band like Slipknot pops up in my head. Listen to the beginning of ‘Dark Side’ and you’ll know what I mean. Definitely great metal riffs within this mix of heavy rock ‘n’ roll. As goes for the vocals of Lundstrom, which are definitely convincing and fit in perfectly. Yet, I feel like there could have been a little more variation in that part of the songwriting. It’s not that Lundstrom’s voice annoys me after a while, but it comes close at some times. Still, props for his work on this album!

I’m not sure whether I convinced people to listen to that other great Danish band Mevadio a while ago, but if I did, I’d like you to listen to me again this time. Give these lads a chance! They won’t win a prize for originality but at least they will make a good impression on you!

* Take into consideration that this album is initially released through iTunes only!
Black Succubi - Black Succubi
73/1001Details Independent
Released on Friday Aug 1st, 2008
Grooving Heavy Rock 'n' Roll

Writer @Boek on Sunday Aug 24th, 2008

Tags: #Black Succubi
Tracklisting 01. Troubled Times
02. Dark Side
03. Into Oblivion
04. Blood And Flames
05. You Can’t Run Away
06. Psychotic Meltdown
07. Feel It Coming
08. Cry For Your Brother
09. Slave
10. Time To Get Even
Line up Jan Lundstrom – Vocals
Thomas Pedersen – Guitar, Growl
Jens B. – Drums
Jesper Brogaard – Bass, Backing Vocals
Michael Larsen – Guitar, Backing Vocals