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Gomer Pyle - Idiots Savants
Gomer Pyle is a Dutch band signed with the Astrosoniq label Space Jam Records. The band are about to release their new album Idiots Savants some time next month, and I’m here to inform you why to check these guys out. Read!
The music created by the guys of Gomer Pyle (named after a character from The Andy Griffith Show) is best described as space-stoner rock. The band plays a quite mellow sound with some rough edges along the way. A warm and smooth sound oozes out of the speakers when I play Idiots Savants, which both relaxes and rocks. Quite an eclectic selection of music to be found here.
While listening to this record, I do have to say that the sound of this band reminds me a lot of the Swiss band Monkey3. Very psychedelic, a lot of stoner influences, you can almost see the hippies sitting in a circle tripping on some LSD. Add some small country influences and you’ve got yourself some nice music.
So if you’re looking for some relaxed rock music to space out, cuddle your girlfriend, get stoned or high to, this year’s choice should be Gomer Pyle with their Idiots Savants. Enjoy!
Gomer Pyle - Idiots Savants
80/1001Details Space Jam Records
Released on Monday Sep 1st, 2008
Space Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Aug 28th, 2008

Tags: #Gomer Pyle
Tracklisting 1. Drawback
2. Mimesis
3. Albino Rattlesnake
4. Bring on the Diesel
5. Slugrace
6. Detrimental
7. Math Again
Line up Mark Brouwer - Zang/Gitaar
Tony Presser - Zang, Bas
Sander Evers - Drums
Mark van Loon - Gitaar
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