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Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Axis of Evil
Oh boy. Is this a heaving pile of religious fundamentalist rhetoric crap, or what? Babylon Mystery Orchestra (which consists of this one dude by the way) has shat an entire cd full with a repetitive, and hardly impressive message: Christianity good! Islam bad! Yeah, yeah, yeah…
But don’t worry, it’s not just about the message. I mean, if this guy had something remotely interesting to say, this would still be complete waste of your time. The only instrument that’s ‘real’ on this ‘epic’ album is the guitar, and the hilarious voice of monsieur Babylon himself. The programmed stuff makes this albums sound tacky, but when the ‘controversial’ vocals (read: mumbling) are added, it becomes nothing short of being plain wacky. Above all this is just really bad stuff, of which I’m not even sure it deserves a review.
This is supposedly a 'controversial' album, with loads of 'interesting stuff' on it. No it's not! It's just every day redundant right wing American xenophobic bullshit. Who really cares what this guy thinks about Islam, or any subject in particular. Probably the most puzzlingly awfull release in a long time.
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Axis of Evil
Released on Wednesday May 28th, 2008
Redundant xenopobia

Writer @Lex on Thursday Aug 28th, 2008

Tags: #Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Tracklisting 1 Annuit Coeptis
2 We Ride... You Die
3 Devilspawn (Muhammad's Song)
4 Islam
5 God Given Right
6 Crusader
7 Diabolus Apocalypse
8 Illuminati
9 Novus Ordo Seclorum
10 Xenophobia
11 Martyr
12 Come Drink The Wrath
13 God Damn The Children Of The Beast
Line up This dude called Allen Johnson