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Antro - One Step Closer To Divinity Demo
This is the first in a series of dutch demo reviews. Metal Rage is going underground and checking out the scene all over the place from now on. Starting in the dutch city of Tilburg! Antro is a fairly new numetal formation, who have won plenty of prizes and played a number of gigs, and most important for a young band: they have an ass kicking demo to show for! The 3 track Closer To Divinity Demo has been released quite a time ago, and the band has quite made a name for themselves so far. This is not hard to imagine, 'cause the band has an amazingly powerfull sound and most impressive production! The songs Get It On, Fake and Dust sound like they where released like any other major numetal band, and the work and effort can be heard through the good mix and production. The band doesn't seem to be affraid of thrashy riffs, slow thumping grooves and catchy-as-fuck lyrics, all of which is quite enough to please my ears, but the real thumbs up lies in the fat ass production, real profesional shit, this. Last of all, I want to congratulate the band AND the listener with the brutal singer with his fine melodic lines which switch to amazingly deep grunts that could be mistaken to be sang by Chuck "The grunting beast of California" Billy. The only real disadvantage the band produces is the slighty cliche rap vocals some parts of the songs contain. A new demo is coming along soon, and I hope that the raps will be ditched and the vocalist dares to grunt some more, to support the quite heavy riffing. Untill then, nice demo which i've played with pleasure for at least a couple of times the last couple of nights! Good job. The demo can be downloaded on , or be ordered through the adress posted on the site. Review By: Napalm Lex
Antro - One Step Closer To Divinity Demo
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Antro
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