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Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader
After guitarist Ross the Boss left Manowar back in 1988, he returned to his old band The Dictators, a punk band no less. Ross (nee Friedman) has always been writing and recording new music and reuniting with his old bands and former band members for special shows and projects. And in July of 2006, Ross joined Manowar onstage at the Earthshaker Festival. This being just a one off, he concentrated on the eminent release of his solo debut album, the first in 20 years.
It seems that Ross has acquired his taste for real metal again. He has been teaming up with a Manowar tribute band and playing several gigs with them. Although in an interview he has stated that he wouldn’t return to the real Manowar. Many fans sure wish to hear Ross back with his former true metal outfit, instead of playing in a band that sounds like Manowar. Claiming that Joey DeMaio will always be a friend of his, he just couldn’t work with him anymore. As DeMaio basically runs the show, Ross would be nothing more than a puppet at DeMaio’s disposal.
Ross stated on his website, as he didn’t want to become a tribute to himself he quickly started working on new original material. The result being New Metal Leader and as promised it does sound were Manowar left off with Kings of Metal. The songs are catchy; it has got a great sound and singer Patrick Fuchs does resemble the voice of Eric Adams. The second track ‘I got the Right’ reminds me a bit of Battle Hymns. You just expect words like glory, victory, hail and kill to thunder out of your speakers. Ross’s guitar work is absolutely great. The riffing is very similar to the style of eighties Manowar, but just a bit more mature. However when you get to the track ‘We will Kill’ lyrically and musically it could have easily been on Hail to England. So in fact if you are a Manowar fan this is a worthy add to your collection. This album will give you exactly what you expect, no more no less. A big thumbs up!
Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader
85/1001Details Afm Records
Released on Friday Aug 22nd, 2008
Heavy Metal

Writer @Angel on Saturday Aug 30th, 2008

Tags: #Ross The Boss
Tracklisting 1. I. L. H.
2. Blood of Knives
3. I Got the Right
4. Death&Glory
5. Plague of Lies
6. God of Dying
7. May the Gods Be with You
8. Constantines Sword
9. We Will Kill
10. Matador
11. Immortal Son
Line up Ross "the Boss" Friedman - Guitars
Patrick Fuchs - Vocals
Carsten Kettering - Bass
Matthias Mayer - Drums