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Knights Of The Abyss - Shades
Drummer Andy Rysham left Job For A Cowboy in 2005 and formed Knights Of The Abyss. When the band were recording their debut Juggernaut, vocalist Mike Manheimer injured his vocal chords. Because of that, he could not finish the vocals on the album and the band had to find a temporary replacement. Although Manheimer stayed a permanent member of the band, Dustin Curtis lent his voice to the latest album in order for Manheimer to fully recover.

The band’s brutal assault is imminent when the first track kicks in. The thrashy, fast drums and the presence of pull-off guitar riffs create a chaotic atmosphere, where the screams and grunts fit in very well.

Shades reminds me of Dimension Zero a lot, mainly because of the harmonic guitar play and the thrash-drums. Yet, in the vein of catchiness Knights of the Abyss remain unnoticed. There are a few riffs that know how to keep attention, but the chaos and walls of sound make it more likely that the band has a high 'live-act' level.

‘Suicide Reign’ is a track that displays the skills of the band best. All elements of the distinctive style make an appearance, and the whole is more enjoyable than the heaps of chaos that can be overwhelming at first. Twin harmonies on single notes, diverse drums and some recognizable chords summarize what to expect of the album.

In short, Shades is a feast for those who enjoy primal carnage with an intellectual twist. The diverse and interesting song structures are sure to trigger deathcore fans to listen to the record at the very least.
Knights Of The Abyss - Shades
72/1001Details Ferret Music
Released on Tuesday Jun 24th, 2008

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Monday Sep 1st, 2008

Tags: #Knights Of The Abyss
Tracklisting 1. Banished
2. A New Darkened Faith
3. Whorror Storm
4. Don't Feed The Heathens
5. Running Out Of Earthly Wealth
6. Feeling Faint
7. Dis Unveiled
8. The Penalty Of The Tyrant
9. Suicide Reign
10. Bound By Heresy
11. Exploitation
12. Behold The Frigid Realm Of Div
Line up Mike Manheimer - vocals
Nick Florence - guitar
Cody Brechtel - guitar
Aaron Stone - bass
Andy Rysdam - drums