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Stigmhate - Satisfied By The Cruelty

Well one thing is clear to me; this isn't my kind of music!

Stigmhate was formed in autumn 1999, from the ashes of Sulphureous Church. It wasn't 'till the end of 2001 that the final line-up was reached. In this band every member brought in his own personal influence.

This album is pure death/black metal with some melodic parts in it. It sounds pretty good if you like death/black metal. The guitar parts on one hand are technical and sometimes really fast but on the other hand slow and really simple. The drums are loud and fast and if they're not fast, they're [b]even faster[/b] and with a very own sound which I really like.

The vocals are a completely different story, the voice is not 'grunt' enough. If you ask me, the voice should be deeper and with more volume in it.

For example the song 'Understand the Black': in this song you can hear the melodic parts with the technical guitar parts in it. It's a typical death metal song if you ask me. The drums are fast and controlled. The whole song is put perfectly together, even some parts of the vocals sound pretty cool. This is a song that I DO like!

The band is heading the right direction but they�re not quite there yet. A bit more practice is needed, especially when it comes to the vocals. If the vocals would be deeper and lower with some more volume in it, then it would sound much better!


Isagal: guitars

Tron: vocals, bass

Francesco: drums



Wings of souls

Understand the black

The red desolation



The sound of the Urizen
Use colony

Stigmhate - Satisfied By The Cruelty
60/1001Details Pulsar Light Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Dinges on Saturday May 29th, 2004

Tags: #Stigmhate
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