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Davidian - Hear Their Cries
Hear Their Cries is the latest effort of German thrash metal band Davidian. They've already put out two other albums and toured around Europe to promote those. A bandname like Davidian creates expectations of course (I hope I don´t have to explain why) and it´s up to them to answer to those.
Davidian plays a very straightforward style of thrash metal. You can find influences of the second wave of thrash metalbands (Machine Head, Pantera and the like) and more modern thrash bands like The Haunted. Davidian really knows how to use their Xerox, because their music sounds like an exact copy of aforementioned bands. And just like a copy, their version is way less of quality.
It doesn´t seem that they even try to be original. All is done before and better! It´s not total rubbish that they deliver us, but not one song really sticks. It´s okay to use your influences and incorporate this in your songs (which band doesn´t?), but please try to be a bit more creative and write some memorable riffs. This release is redundant and not worth your money.
Davidian - Hear Their Cries
60/1001Details Limited Access Records
Released on Friday Apr 25th, 2008
Thrash Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Monday Sep 15th, 2008

Tags: #Davidian
Tracklisting 1. Judas Cross
2. Count Your Beads
3. The Prince
4. Dark Lights
5. Follow
6. Little Man
7. 40 Days
8. Empty Gold
9. Shadow
Line up Dave Hopkins – Vocals
Tim Hinderer – Bass
Micha Weidler – Guitar
Alex Schniepp – Guitar
Alex Scherf – Drums