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Rumors Of Gehenna - Ten Hatred Degrees
Yes, another Italian album reached the Metalrage headquarters. It seems like these Southern European people get into metal more and more these days. Fortunately, this album isn’t half as crappy as lots of others originating from the same country. Rumors Of Gehenna plays a kind of metalcore in the vein of Hatebreed, Testament and Lamb of God according to their bio. Sounds promising indeed!

Sixteen. That’s exactly the amount of seconds Rumors Of Gehenna give you to take a deep breath before bursting into action. These sixteen seconds are the beginning of the intro which, contrary to many other intros, kicks major ass after those first couple of seconds. It sets the tone for the things that follow. The pleasure!

Right from the start there’s a very solid metalcore sound. Raging guitars, typical hardcore breakdowns, a vocalist that seems pretty fuckin’ mad at everything around him and occasionally quite a catchy guitar solo. All ingredients for a more than decent grooving metalcore album. Seriously, if you’re into metalcore in the vein of Killswitch Engage and even more so, Caliban, this album will definitely please you.

The only slightly negative thing besides not being too original (how could you be in this genre?!), is vocalist Davide. Sometimes his voice seems to lack the real power that for instance Andy Dörner has. It sometimes gets a little monotonous, which may cause you to lose your attention for a few seconds. Then again, I don’t consider that to be a real big problem on Ten Hatred Degrees. Finally a worthy album from the country we Dutchies love for its food and hate/respect for its soccer team.
Rumors Of Gehenna - Ten Hatred Degrees
72/1001Details WormHoleDeath
Released on Thursday Oct 2nd, 2008

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Sep 16th, 2008

Tags: #Rumors Of Gehenna
Tracklisting 01. First Hatred Degree
02. Dead Slaves
03. Eternal Flames
04. Detoxication
05. Human
06. My Hourglass Never Fails
07. Seven
08. Internal Slaughtering
09. November 31st A.C.
10. Last Violence
Line up Davide – Vocals
Mirko – Guitar
Federico – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Antonio – Bass
Lucio – Drums