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Battalion - Welcome To The Warzone
Straight from the ever-growing metal scene of Belgium hails Battalion - a four-piece death metal force which has been around since 2001. They self-released their debut record Winter Campaign in 2005 and now return with Welcome To The Warzone on Shiver Records, a label renowned for acts such as Axamenta, Moker, Suhrim, Fleshmould and Crimson Falls. Heavy shit, to say the least.

While their predecessor seemed to be an average record, Battalion obviously improved their songwriting skills and released a great record with Welcome To The Warzone. The entire album doesn’t feature any weak songs, neither does it sound spectacular or new in any way, but as a whole it just sounds really intense and grooving without becoming boring.

Battalion’s style can mainly be described as old school death metal with blastbeat outbursts. The quality production strengthens the in-your-face-approach. Therefore, this record sounds like a constant threat: Battalion is ready to attack. Vocalist Ruben has a great brutal grunt; he sometimes sounds like Henri Sattler from God Dethroned. Music-wise Battalion sounds a bit like Bolt Thrower, but also the comparison with US-death bands such as Malevolent Creation and Immolation come to cross.

At the end I came to the conclusion I always write after hearing records I like: death metal fans should check this one out. I’m curious for their live performance and I’m also interested in their next studio effort.
Battalion - Welcome To The Warzone
75/1001Details Shiver Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 15th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Tuesday Sep 16th, 2008

Tags: #Battalion
Tracklisting 01. Mechanize Blitzkrieg
02. Cracks Of My Coffin
03. Ten-Thousand Corpse Ditch
04. Throne Of Lies
05. Blunt Force Trauma
06. Curb Stomp
07. Verdun Meat Grinder
08. Radiation Holocaust
09. Opening The Blastdoors To Hell
10. Mass Incinerator
Line up Ruben Luts - Vocals
Pieter Vandeputte - Guitar
Kristof - Bass
Erwin Schellekens - Drums