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Sinner - Crash&Burn
Germany has been a country where heavy metal rules supreme since ancient times (which would date back to the late 80’s and 90’s). The acts that popped up back then are still hugely popular these days. Take Gamma Ray, Accept, Helloween and Primal Fear for example. Primal Fear? Oh, that band with Matt Sinner on bass. That’s right. Sinner.

Yeah baby. That old school hard rockin’ intro, thaswaddi’m talkin’ ‘bout. Rock on, dudes. Metaaaahhhl! Need I say more?
People who know what to make of these words that seemingly come from a drunk man’s mouth, pretty much know what to expect of Crash&Burn. For the ones who don’t, I’ll explain in a bit more detail.

Matt’s not just playing bass, but also sprouts forth raw vocals that create the trademark sound of Sinner. Even though he’s a raw-sounding dude, Matt has a considerable vocal range. This makes for impressive outbursts of power and that can be heard.
Guitar-wise, this album has all the traits one might expect of a thoroughly mixed album like this one. Ever heard of the term ‘shredding’? Well, this band practically invented it. They've been around since 1982 and are still alive and kicking. The guitars sound really heavy and roar all the way through, with the exception of some clean passages. To top it off, the guitar solos vary from harmonics to fast loops, so there’s bound to be something on this disc that will appeal to you. Want examples?

‘Heart of Darkness’ is a great and versatile song that will trigger something inside. The hard rock / heavy metal riffs have an accessible feel over them, yet they still rock hard. ‘Little Head’ pretty much reaches that same effect, except it’s got a more poppy approach to it. Imagine that, pop-rockisch riffing with Matt’s raw vocals. It sounds pretty cool, actually.

There’s more to it, but time is short and frankly, my fingers are getting cramped of playing air guitar all the time. If you’re into heavy metal with a high sing-a-long factor, catchy melodies and great guitar solos, you’re at your best with Crash&Burn in your CD collection.
Sinner - Crash&Burn
80/1001Details AFM Records
Released on Friday Sep 19th, 2008
Heavy Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Wednesday Sep 17th, 2008

Tags: #Sinner
Tracklisting 1. Crash&Burn
2. Break The Silence
3. The Dog
4. Heart Of Darkness
5. Revolution
6. Unbreakable
7. Fist To Face
8. Until It Hurts
9. Little Head
10. Connection
11. Like A Rock

Line up Mat Sinner - vocals, bass
Henny Wolter - guitars
Christof Leimn - guitars
Klaus Sperling - drums