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Impiety - Dominator
A best of album, a split with Abhorrence; I couldn’t blame the fans for suspecting the end of the Singapore band Impiety was near. Fortunately they released some new material: a MCD called Dominator, which makes it more than clear Impiety hasn’t changed one bit! This band offered the world a couple of new songs and a Sarcofago-cover (‘The Black Vomit’).

Come on, seriously? Do you know any bands from Singapore? Maybe if you mention some, I might give up my pride and confess I do know some, but at this moment none of them cross my mind. The country of origin is already some kind of trademark of Impiety. The other aspect that is distinctive is the fact the band can’t be labelled as typically black, death or thrash, but rather as a mixture of all those styles together. If you love the older work of Impiety, you will most definitely love these new tracks as well. Up-tempo drums with killing riffs dominate Dominator, while Shyaithan coughs up the destructive aggression we’re used of him.

It’s a well produced, clean MCD, but it still sounds raw and filthy and most definitely old-school. But hey, isn’t that the way we like it? Now all we can do is hope it won’t take them another four years to release some new stuff again!
Impiety - Dominator
75/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Monday Sep 1st, 2008
Black/ death/ trash

Writer @Kaar on Thursday Sep 18th, 2008

Tags: #Impiety
Tracklisting 1. Introbliteration
2. Slaughterror Superiority
3. Dominator
4. The Black Vomit (Sarcofago Cover)
5. At War With Temujin
Line up Shyaithan – Vocals, bass guitars
Mike Priest – Guitars
Demonomancer –Guitars
Tremor - Drums